Chuckie Addresses Jammer In New #HalfcastPodcast Episode

Halfcast Podcast are back, and this time Chuckie is addressing Jammer, whilst the boys also discuss Skepta vs Wiley.

Recently, Chuckie hosted an episode of Halfcast Podcast, and during the conversation he called Jammer, BBK, to ask him whether Wiley has anxiety or not. Jammer questioned if he was live on the show, to which Chuckie confirmed he was, and Jammer hung the phone up. Jammer then took to social media to post the clip, and claimed that Chuckie works for the FBI and warned other artists to beware if he calls them.

Halfcast Podcast Jammer Chuckie

courtesy of UK Gossip TV

Of course, Chuckie had to address this to get across his true intentions for calling Jammer, whilst recording a live episode. He goes into detail, explaining that he’d spoken to the MC about calling him for his input on podcast episodes, and his reasons for asking whether Wiley had anxiety on air.

The Halfcast Podcast crew also delve further into their thoughts on the Skepta vs Wiley controversy, sharing their stances on the situation.

If you’ve been waiting for Chuckie’s response to Jammer, you’ll enjoy this. And hearing the boys get involved with their take on Skepta vs Wiley is interesting too.

Watch the conversation in the video above, and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.