Chris Cash Presents Us With The Visuals For ‘Stardog’

Chris Cash drops off the much-anticipated visuals for his scorching drop, Stardog. The song itself has been causing a madness for some time now, with the fresh flow and snappy lyrics garnering a lot of online attention. It’s fair to say that Chris Cash is doing something different with Stardog, an example of how a different sort of approach can be very beneficial in an over saturated music genre.

If Chris Cash keeps making songs like this then he is very likely to pop off to an even larger extent than originally anticipated, he seemingly has the voice, the look and the cash to make it happen. This isn’t the first time that Chris has released some fire though, throwback to two months ago when he released Dreams, which was met with huge praise.

Stardog’s visuals appear very simple yet effective, a nice skyline shot with Chris Cash doing his thing being the primary focus.

Stardog has accumulated over 700,000 plays on Spotify alone since its release, quickly becoming a fan favorite – the video is sure to reach dizzying heights too as it continues to gain a lot of attention as well. The unique track that is Stardog, is likely to have a follow up soon, with Cash always eager to drop more music.