Chip Sends For Bugzy Yet Again!! ‘Hat-Trick’ [Music Video]

It’s that time! Chip unveils the third and final diss track in the last week entitled ‘Hat-Trick’ aimed at Manchester’s Bugzy Malone.

  • humaadbashir

    I think chip is callin out bugzy cuz hes one of the top artists right now. And personaly i dont think chip is in bugzys league When it comes to spittin bars. I think chip wana be on bugzys level thats why hes come back with a diss song for bugzy. And hes using bugzys influence To do better


      hahhaha.. Heard it all now do your research fella – it’s not hard to do

      • disqus_AVpnaQNwnX

        He’s right though. If Bugzy wasn’t in his league why would he make another track when Bugzy has obviously moved on?

  • Taylor Beatz

    those sedgeway things are so gay

    • C-Stylez

      Impossible to take anyone serious on one of them. Especially when they’re rolling around their back yard, pretending to be gangsta

  • 3THAN

    How has chip still got a creear my big toe could spit harder bars then he will ever do he should take his wet self off everyone’s screen

    • Cameren Philip

      At the end of the day he’s successful making money and has got fans across the world so if u got harder bars u should be in his position but yanoe… 😪

  • pravin


  • jonjo86

    The munk is ripping it up now blatantly