Chip has dropped yet another reply to Bugzy, we’re starting to really believe that Chippy wont run out of Bars.

  • Skope Entertainment

    Dis shit needs to end for reall

  • Brad Hewitson

    The only good diss track he has done Bugzy all the way

  • Dean

    Let it happen it’s good for the game big up to both of them

  • emma

    Chipmunk is better

    • Shaun Woodward

      You mad

    • stupidgrammarnazidie


  • Gary Abbott

    This is getting long now….

  • Shaun Woodward

    He is to scared to clash bugzy he just a little pussy faggot stop replying and go clash him you boring cunt

  • stupidgrammarnazidie

    chip too pussy to clash hahahahha took him 6 months to reply and now he STILL won’t clash

    how is anyone rating this sell-your-soul-out-for-pop-fame-pagan-waste-leng

    #0161 #RIPCHIP

  • Danny Garrity

    Chipmunk is shit as fuck get in a clash fucking wastman get my man bugzy to end u

    • Fatman Faiz

      Bugzy has been slayed off lyrically and flow wise. Bugzy tracks were shit. Chip kinda flopped in this but still better than anything Bugzy pulled out. Chip has been coming direct whilst bugzy chats irrelevant shit.

  • Harley

    Used to listen to chip all the time! Never even heard of this bugzy mug tho 😐

  • Dayday

    How could chip try drop that on bugzy that’s the worst track iv ever heard in my life