Check out what Sneakbo thinks about his ‘Type Of Beats’ in brand new series!

He’s one of the most influential rappers in the game, and after years of delivering some of the biggest tracks to come out of the UK, it seems as though Sneakbo has built quite a unique, distinct sound. The Jetski rapper definitely knows a good beat when he hears one, and what better way to kick start the brand new Link Up TV series, ‘My Type Of Beat’, than getting in the popular rapper as our first guest.

With more and more creatives surfacing across the UK, there has been a huge rise in producers building beats around your go-to artists’ sound and uploading them to YouTube. An intelligent way to build a reputation and get your work heard by the masses, but what do the rappers really think about them?

We sat down with Sneakbo and searched the web for his ‘Type Of Beats’, and captured his reaction live on camera. The Brixton rapper took in a number of instrumentals which had been made with him in mind, and gave advice and feedback on them.

Be sure to check out the brand new series, and keep your eyes peeled for more episodes in the near future!