‘Ye’ Is Finally Here! Find Out What Marv, Tazer & Crew Thought In ‘The Listening Party’ Ep.1

We at Link Up TV bring you yet another dope new show in the form of our latest series, The Listening Party, where we take in a new release, track by track with Tazer Black and Marv Abby playing host. In episode 1 we’re treated to a full house of opinionated guests, alcohol and Kanye West’s Ye album breakdown.

This episode sees Avelino, George The Poet, Henrie, NBV and more join in on the conversation as the gang run through the 7 track project, pausing and giving their live reactions to some of the bars, the controversial nature of Kanye and his recent antics, as everyone involved find it increasingly difficult to separate the artist from the man this one gets interesting.

Throughout, Marv provides us with the majority of the comic relief when discussing some of the more troubling things attached to Kanye’s name and behavior as he effortlessly comes up with hilarious points and moments that you can’t help but laugh at, while George The Poet acts as a protagonist of sorts, pointing out a lot of Ye’s shortcomings as he believes the album isn’t really about anything and is surface level to the point of there being no real substance to dissect.

Check out the full episode and let us know your thoughts on the brand new show as well as your thoughts on the album and whether or not you agree with what George or the rest of the gang had to say.