Another Hustle Releases Wavey Video For ‘My G’

Singer Another Hustle has released the video for his brand new song ‘My G’. The video shows Another Hustle living the good life with his girl who is his ‘G’. The part of Another Hustle’s girl is played by the glamorous Mimi Gee.

The song and video take us on a journey through Another Hustle’s transition from the roadside to lavish living in exotic locations and expensive whips, showing us Another Hustle’s ‘G’ has always been there for him even during court cases like a real ride or die chick should. The video also shows us he rewards his ride or die for sticking by him through the hard times.

Let us know your thoughts on the brand new ‘My G’ cinematic visuals we’ve been treated to by Another Hustle and stream the track on our app right now!