Can Mr Eazi and Rymez Make A Track In 30 Minutes?

Mr Eazi and Rymez were set the challenge of making a track in 30 minutes by us here at Link Up TV, watch the video above to see how they got on!

The Nigerian singer songwriter, and entrepreneur Mr Eazi sticks to his roots and African sounds as he links up with dope producer Rymez on this 30 minute challenge.

It is amazing watching how these two artists pull it together i this video, as we pull the curtains back to reveal their creative process in our latest challeng. Watching Mr Eazi freestyle and repeat certain lines to get to the next part of his lyrics is so interesting. He kept repeating the words “Only God can judge me” to get things to rhyme, and it was included in the final track at the end of the 30 minutes! How Rymez made the beat was so interesting as well, honestly, big up the guys for getting involved in this challenge!

Without giving too much away, the track was such a success that people are even calling for it to be released as an official track!

Watch above now and let us know what you think! Well done guys!