Cadet reacts to his ‘Type Of Beats’ in episode 2

Cadet sits down in the studio with Link Up Tv, in this episode of Type Of Beats, and shares his feedback.

South London rapper, and self-proclaimed Underrated Legend, Cadet, links up with Link Up TV for the latest episode of Type Of Beats. Cadet sits down in the studio and listens to instrumentals, found on the internet, made with the artist in mind, before sharing his opinions and feedback.

Cadet works his way through YouTube, clicking on the videos that stand out to him, to see if the titled Cadet type beats sound like something he could vibe to. He listens to a few very good beats, and states what he likes about them and if they’re something that he could work with.

After listening to some Cadet type beats, the rapper goes on to share some of his favourite instrumentals to either write bars to, or to use on a grime set. He spits one of his old battle raps over an infamous beat, giving viewers a taste of what Cadet sounded like before he was known to all of us.

Ending off with some advice for the producers, Cadet reminds them to keep working hard until the artists that they want to work with notice them. It’s an interesting video, from start to finish, and is a must-watch for up-and-coming producers, and beat makers.

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