Bugzy Malone Drops 2nd Chip Diss & Wants To Clash (Zombie Riddim)

Just after Chip dropped his latest send for Bugzy Malone ‘Dickhead‘, the Manchester artist has dropped another track with a lot to say about Chippy entitled ‘Zombie Riddim’.

Bugzy is even offering himself out for a clash which is something we would all like to see!

When is this beef going to end?! Who is winning the clash after the latest round of sends; let us know in the comments section.

  • jonjo86

    Madness tearing each other apart but it makes a unbeatable Clash I’m split always rated chip but was posses when he wen all chart shIt. … bugzy kills it tho

  • KillaK

    Yo, I’m not gonna lie….Chip might be killing Bugzy….its hard to say….at the start Bugzy was on a tear but Chip’s had some time to research and to perfect them and now hes gaining more shots on Bugzy…..I’m gunna see if Chip’s gunna clash man….that’ll be interesting and DEFINATLY end the Chip v Bugzy beef/war