Brotherhood drop a message on Drake’s Emotionless beat

Brotherhood members Menace and Blaze have dropped a powerful message on Drake’s emotionless beat. Hitting on the world’s social media habits and putting power behind their bars. Menace comes through with some very real bars and the message works perfectly with the emotionless beat.

‘Every hour I find myself scrolling the gram,
Sometimes I click it after only just closing it, damn,
Guess I’m addicted to seeing people with riches and lives I wish I was living,
That really takes its toll on a man.’

Menace’s flow is professional and it really does send a message. Lots of people will be asking why did brotherhood pick this beat to talk about some society problems and I think it’s because Drake did the exact same on his own version of emotionless.

After menace we get blaze and that really is the brotherhood. It works so well, blaze comes through with some fire bars matching his partner Menace.

‘Politicians make these policies for bundles of cash,
I went to meetings with these frauds they said that funding collapsed,
I keep on trying my best,
In a society where,
They tell you lies like not to rise with your friends,’

Blaze does a good job of getting his message across from all angles.


Make sure you check out brotherhood’s take on emotionless above this article now.