Blvck Canvas Discuss The First Time In New Episode

Blvck Canvas is a new talk show with a panel that has honest conversations about the various life experiences that impact Black culture, from a Black British perspective. The second episode is out now, and sees the female cast members discussing their first time.

In an interesting discussion, the female cast members of Blvck Canvas open up for an honest conversation about their first times having sex. Each lady talks about their personal encounter, and all experiences are different; allowing more females to relate to their stories. 

After sharing their first experiences with men, they go deeper to discuss same-sex experiences, or lack there of. They talk about the impact that society has had, and still has, on their choices when it comes to sexual acts; from refraining due to religious beliefs, to being at an age, and time, where they feel they are unable to experiment anymore. 

There are many side-notes that flourish into different aspects of the conversation, such as touching on STD check-ups, making it informative as well as interesting. Please remember that getting tested is very important, even if you are in a committed relationship.

Watch Episode Two of Blvck Canvas above, and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.