Big Narstie Keeps It Real On The Grime Report

Forget Jeremy Kyle, everybody’s favourite uncle is back and amidst his humour there is the realist talk you could here in this episode of The Grime Report.

So titled ‘My friend is a thief’, I’m sure you can guess what the advice is going to be relating to. With an unsure Jermain from Peckham emailing in for advice about suspicious activity he’s noticed since inviting his friend into his home, Uncle Pain is spilling the realist knowledge he needs to know. Not only advice but life lessons can honestly be taken from this  comical yet insightful episode.

Speaking from his own personal experiences with fake friends, I can’t lie this episode touched me and Narstie definitely came with them words of wisdom. As always, 6 minutes of gold with the funnier elements included. I won’t ruin the episode for you but it’s definitely one to watch and relatable to the majority watching.

Delivering you that real road advice first hand…