Big Narstie Drops Wisdom In New #UnclePain Episode

Big Narstie drops some wisdom for viewers in all new episode of Uncle Pain.

This week, on Grime Report TV, Big Narstie presents another episode of Uncle Pain and this time he helps out a viewer, called Ryan, from Portsmouth who’s having some serious issues.

Big Narstie sits down with Lordie to answer some questions and things get interesting pretty quickly. The query is from a guy who’s being seduced by his girlfriend’s sister, and he wants to know what to do.

Whilst Narstie puts the ultimate decision in the hands of Ryan, by telling him to determine whether his level of scum bag will allow him to cheat, Lordie interjects with a different opinion that is all for the cheating.

Some great points are raised and, as always, Big Narstie is spitting some truth to the youth. He says, “If you’ve got a happy throne, keep it that way”, amongst other words of advice.

This week’s Uncle Pain episode is engaging, insightful and, although the topic is mildly serious, the overall episode is hilarious.

So if you’re looking for a mixture of wisdom and laughs, then watch this week’s Uncle Pain episode right here – and we promise you won’t be disappointed.