Big Narstie Drops New BBC III Show ‘Let’s Settle This’

Whether it be through his music, interviews or appearances, he is forever dropping them gems ! The people’s favourite UK music personality, Big Narstie is back with his new BBC III series, ‘Let’s Settle This’.

Speaking on different topics on every show, although he is known for his entertaining lyrical and signature personality, Big Narstie really drops them t-bombs throughout this episode where he answers the rhetorical title, ‘Should you be dating if you’re broke ?’

Unique from the get go with the episode being filmed whilst in his barber’s chair, Narstie spouts banter throughout whilst making a valid point. So if your broke and not sure if you should be dating or you just want to buss some joke, catch up with Big Narstie’s ‘Let’s Settle This’ on BBC III Iplayer.