Hypo and Chris Budden join forces for ‘Killa’

We are already used to Hypo’s eccentricness and originality and this is exactly what he bring in with his new track “Killa”, produced by the internationally known, Bricks. Bricks has produced for international artists such as 21 Savage, Young Thug, Baka, Drake, Tory Lanez and more. As expected, he brought in the US trap type of vibe on his beat while Hypo and Chris Budden compliment it with the lyrics perfectly.

The video is a show off with attractive girls in summer suits, playing around while the artists sing. We can see a lot of ice on both Hypo and Chris Budden, as the video captions their neck and wrists. We also catch a glimpse of fellow East London’s Hackney rapper Asco, chilling in the background with other friends.

Chris Budden brings in his strongly influenced USA vibe and gives the track a wavy flow, finishing of on a high note with adlibs, specific to the genre.

The track sounds wavy and it is definitely a good summer tune. I like hearing different sounds in the UK music and I think Hypo and Chris Budden have definitely managed to deliver “Killa” in an innovative way.

Make sure you catch the video out noe via GRM Daily.