Frisco opens up in interview with DJ Dubl TV

Following the release of his new Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 5 project, BBK member and Grime veteran, Frisco sits down with DJ Dubl for a customary in-depth interview for the culture.

We see Frisco talk a lot of truth in this interview with DJ Dubl TV, the seasoned emcee opens up about some of the career defining moments he’s experienced and what they all meant to him and so much more. One moment of the interview that has stayed with me, is when he is talking about creating a fan base and how his career came in different stages.

Frisco who is constantly a BBK legend, speaks about his music in the interview, and almost ranks his favourite tracks. Back 2 Da Lab Volume 5 was the focal point of the video. With many people in the scene gassed about the tracks on it. The tracklist includes ”Go Thru Face’ which features Grime mavericks Jme and Shorty, which means you know it’s going to have an edgy flow.

Frisco also opens up about how they’re seems to be no competition between new Mc’s. I’m not gonna say too much about it, I think that you really need to clock onto this interview right now.