Big Shaq explains why ‘Man Don’t Dance’

Here’s a challenge… try not to laugh or crack a smile when watching this. Quite frankly, impossible. That is unless ‘Man don’t smile’ but one thing for sure is that Big Shaq is adamant he does not dance.

In this 6 minute video by Genius, Big Shaq himself dissects the lyrics to his latest release ‘Man Don’t Dance’, analysing it deeply line by line. Throughout the video, he uses his dialect to explain the meaning behind UK slang, by simply using more slang but the message is perceived.

Being an all round funny individual in general, his additional comments to what he has to say within the song make the break down just that little bit better. Rapping each line word by word sounding identical to the audio, look out for some real advice by the one and only when watching too.

“I kinda consider myself as a poet, you know what i’m saying” is one way to put how Shaq has arranged the use of lyricism in order to make sure everyone knows he doesn’t dance.

With having earned over 17 million views since its release last month and co-produced by Fraser T Smith and Swifta Beater, it’s hard not to crack a smile when this comes on.

Find the video above: