Big Narstie drops a freestyle with Tim & Barry TV

Someone give Big Narstie a light that’s all I’m gonna say. Today is a glorious day for many reasons, But, the most important is that Big Narstie has just dropped a freestyle for Tim & Barry TV. Big Narstie is seeing a massive push at the moment, with his show on Channel 4 causing a madness. This freestyle is classic Narstie, from the flow to the blow.

Big Narstie attacks the beat and comes through with some classical bars.

‘Riding shotgun with my shotgun, living like a f*****g spaz’

This bar just speaks so many volumes to me, Big Narstie is a certi man in the scene and he has a legacy to live up to. It’s nice to see Big Narstie doing some music at the moment, we’ve got lots to look forward to with Narstie as he has just released album ‘BDL Bipolar’ with some massive songs throughout it.

But, lets talk more about his freestyle with Tim & Barry TV and how he shelled down some bars. So many references to Super Mario and it just works so well, watching Big Narstie turn into Big Mario is something I’ll show my grandchildren.


Check out the freestyle above the article now guys.