Belly Squad Hit Up Radar Radio For Bants With Snoochie Shy

The trio known for combining Afrobeats and UK Rap, bouncing off each other in wavy tracks such as Banana Remix recently hit up Radar Radio for a chat with Snoochie Shy. First wading through a random selection of YouTube comments in a segment known as #CommentCrawler , the group address the funny, as well as putting out a fun fact.

Having released their latest music video last month (Passin By), Yung Max, Ty and Ross Jombla have managed to sustain their record of creating tracks with limitless replays, leading to a question of why the trio have not charted yet. In Snoochie’s words, “soon come”, and in agreement, pay attention to these talented bruddas.

Check out Belly Squad at Radar Radio in the above video, where they also play a game involving sumo wrestler costumes, and are tested to finish their bars, resulting in am shots.