Asco sits down for a chat with NFTR

In-depth interview platform NFTR is back with a new interview to start the year. The first person to be interviewed by the NFTR team for 2018, is Hackney rapper Asco. Asco is known for being a talented UK rapper, but in 2017 he started regularly dropping new visuals and tracks for his fans.

Asco is known for being flashy, so it’s no surprise that the main talking point for his NFTR was finances and investments. Posty asked Asco about how he lost jewellery worth £50,000 and Asco recounted the mysterious story. Asco then talks about how he got into rapping and his friendship with rapper Fredo.

Asco said that there will be new music with him and Fredo coming soon, as well as a body of work on the way.  Asco reveals that he thinks that Margs is best raper in his area. Another interesting talking point is when Asco gives his opinion on the H&M “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” controversy and shows that he was not impressed.

Make sure to watch the insightful interview to learn more about one of the UK’s most exciting rappers.