Arya sounds wavey on ‘Foreign Linen’

YouTube star Arya has come forward with a very wavey song in the form of ‘Foreign Linen’ with an excellent beat this one is very catchy. We can’t ignore the video which makes the song even better. Arya goes straight in with some lyrics and looks fly while doing it.

‘Foreign Linen’ is certainly a song to be played in the whip, it’s got that sort of sound on it and Arya really does come through with some wavey lyrics. Arya makes use of the range rover and shows off his clothes throughout the video. Arya is finessing on the track ‘Foreign Linen’ and really looks like a natural while doing it.

The video see’s Arya wake up from his dream and rush off the train. The video really does match the song well and Arya should be very proud of himself. The video itself was directed by The mechanics and they killed it.

‘Foreign Linen’ is a song that will be in my playlist for the simple reason I like this song, if you like this song don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions. Arya has spent time and made himself a tune.

Make sure you go and check it out now.