Splinta Goes Battle Royale In ‘Fortnite’ Video

Fortnite has taken the world by storm and I’m not talking about that massive purple cloud, man is talking about Splinta and his new track ‘Fortnite.’ The video for this one was everything I was expecting and more.

Looking like a peaky blinder Splinta attacks the beat with all of his weapons and gets the victory with a great song and video.  It’s mad to think that a game like fortnite has a song about it, with all the references and puns to match, it really is a nice little freestyle.

The video is something else, with some clips of fortnite and a real life adaptation of the game, with Splinta even getting a Chug Jug prop. The visuals for this one were produced by Rexo and it’s fair to say he’s done a fantastic job, with him using locations that look identical to fortnite.

The thing is that this song isn’t even a parody, it’s a legit flow that highlights Splinta’s talent. Some epic bars mixed with a great send for Ninja. I look forward to seeing Splinta spit on some more freestyles, it seems he has the bars and flow for it. This epic sounding freestyle is something Epic games would be proud of.