Ard Adz Talks Religion, Brixton & More With The NFTR Crew

Following the recent release of his EP ‘Hard To Smile’ as well as the announcement of his UK tour which will start next month, Brixton rapper Ard Adz speaks to the Not For The Radio crew about the EP, his come up, religion, Brixton, as well as his tour.

Incase you missed the memo Ard Adz has been in the game for years now, he may have taken a brief hiatus at some point but he remains grateful to his fans for their unwavering support and riding for him on his journey.

This may have come as a shock to many of us but during this sit dow, Adz revealed that he is still an independent artist with no manager! You have to rate his hustle when you look at all of the things he’s managed to achieve and the current space he finds himself in.

When asked about his come up, Sho Shallow was mentioned, if you’ve been a fan of Ard Adz you will know from the very start (2011/2012) every song Adz did was with Shallow, they came as a pair.

Adz went on to say: Shallow’s my boy, not just in music, he’s my brother, we’re doing our own thing for now, getting ourselves into better positions then we’ll pair up again. 

He then explained the events surrounding Drake mentioning him back in 2012 interview as the Canadian rapper would claim he was watching a Sneakbo video on YouTube and came across Adz’s videos too. With Sneakbo, being from Brixton as well, the pair would join forces on tracks together in the early stages of their music careers, Sneakbo’s my boy from the roads, we also got an unreleased track coming out, we’re just waiting to do a video. 

When asked about Brixton and the problems in the area Adz said I try to rep the whole of Brixton, not just my block, but Brixton now has become like some parts in America, too much beef, too many tower blocks.

The rapper speaks on ‘Hard To Smile’ claiming it peaked as high as no.4 in the Hip-Hop category of the iTunes charts! He explained he was dropping singles here and there and he thought it might be better to make a project he could make a likkle change from.

‘Call Me Dirty’ features one of the most talked about Ard Adz lines in his career so far with the rapper saying I can’t let my fam starve just to keep Allah happy and being openly religious, Adz has faced continuous criticism of which he answers I couldn’t work in JD I’d end up getting stabbed, explaining yes music is haram but I can’t stop making music because of my religion. 

The Brixton rapper has a huge Muslim following and he says the reason behind this is because he is a rapper who continuously talks about Islam in his rhymes also rapping in Arabic quite often making himself a little more relatable to them. With every positive you attract negativity and with that said, although he does have a huge following, he also receives a lot of discouraging feedback such as YouTube comments claiming he does not believe in God.

It’s not a blessing if you sin for it, Adz explains he’s had to do mad things to get to this point so he can’t say he’s blessed as well as music itself being against his religious beliefs.

If you can’t respect this guy’s talent, motivation, hustle and grind then I don’t know what you will respect. Ard Adz started from the bottom and with only his girl helping him, he put together a tour (with a little help from an agent regarding venues) he is doing the absolute most! Ad’z is on a break right now from touring with Geko, but they will be returning on the 11th of April and don’t forget he will be performing ‘The Drop’ at the end of the month too!

Ard Adz’ first ever headline tour starts next month, it’s definitely gonna bang and he did say he’s got some mad surprises for his tour AS WELL as hinting at an NFTR freestyle coming soon…..