Annakin6 And Elijah Get Together For ‘Bros’

All my bros and gals lets just rejoice in a collective ‘Jheeeez’ This one is artic and it’s going straight for your eardrums. Annakin6 and Elijah have joined forces to bring us ‘Bros’ and I’m pretty speechless on the striking effect it has on the listener. An icey beat, hard lyrics and two bros making some good music.

MG is the producer behind this and I’m pretty sure he can now be referred to as OG. The beat works so well with the lyrics and it’s another reminder of why the urban scene is one of the most talented at the moment. Behind the camera is CRxSPECS and the smooth camera angles and mix of home footage undoubtedly  works with this song.

Just like the start of the video I don’t know what to say. ‘Bros’ needs to be listened to and blessings need to be paid for Annakin6 and Elijah for linking up.

Fair warning it might be worth investing in a fire extinguisher before you press play. I didn’t and now my speakers are on fire. In all seriousness ‘Bros’ is worth a listen and homage to Annakin6 and Elijah for linking up for this one.

Make sure you go and check out the video now.