Amelia Meets Up With Suspect For Chicken Shop Date

Amelia Dimoldenburg… yes that’s her name, has been doing Chicken Shop Date for a long time now, she’s dated many grime artists from across the country and grills them. On this week’s date she is with Suspect and it seems their encounter got straight into the love game.

Dimoldenburg – “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Suspect – “Yep”

Dimoldenburg didn’t even let man like Suspect get a fry into his mouth before she mentioned love at first sight. But, on a serious level she is legit comedy gold, Chicken Shop Date is something many people look forward to.

Suspect’s albums ‘Loading’ and Still Loading’ were up for debate, and it’s fair to say Amelia took home the wing…. obviously I meant win and was trying to be funny, if Krept and Konan can make chicken jokes then so can I.

Dimoldenburg – ‘ Is something wrong with your wifi’

Her one liners left Suspect feeling hot and flustered, but the ‘FBG’ rapper remained cool when talking about Skepta and Giggs. This Chicken Shop Date is a pure must watch for fans, you get to know a little bit about Suspect and get to see Amelia Dimoldenburg doing what she does best.

Check out the Chicken Shop Date above now.