Akala hosts an in-depth Q&A with Ghetts at Ghettsibition

On the 14th of September, Grime veteran and profound lyricist Ghetts, hosted his very own all dayer event called ‘Ghettsibition’, showcasing the extraordinary vision for his super enriched and meaningful album ‘Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament’.

As one who is very proud of where he is from, Ghetts hosted the event in an amazing underground quirky venue on Old Street, in the heart of his hometown in East London. ‘Ghettsibition’ featured aesthetically and creatively clever pieces of artwork, which told stories of his life. This included a plethora of images depicting black empowerment, rap culture and visions of his experiences of growing up as a young black man in London. The exhibition also included photos of music video shoots, a model of Ghetts’ bedroom, artistic lyrics from the new project, and a tribute to Grime MC Stormin who sadly passed away earlier this year. The cultural themes within the art coincide with the experiences Ghetts has lived through. He continues to infuse his personal life into his artistry, through the lyrics in the songs on this album; but this time, it is from a deeper purposeful place with a mature perspective.

Although Ghetts’ experiences are authentic and true to him, ‘Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament’ has a wide variety of topics and contents that is relatable to most people in some way or some form. Whether it’s an outlook, life experience, a thought or a feeling, there is something in the project that resonates deeply with his audience, as it is a heartfelt body of work.

Legendary DJ Semtex who recently retired from BBC 1Xtra after 15 years, hosted an interview with Ghetts at the event for Spotify’s Who We Be talks. Semtex reflected on the times he has worked with Grime MC’s coming up in the UK and explained why Ghetts is unique in the UK music scene. The interview focused on the album, how it came about and the process of making it. Semtex has high hopes for this album and since it has been officially released on all digital platforms, artists and fans have immensely celebrated it.

In order for his supporters to understand the full vision of his art and his album, he joined forces with an amazing rapper, author, poet and political activist Akala, for an in-depth Q&A at his event. Akala engages with Ghetts on a deep level which felt natural and organic. The tone of the interview is conversational with a level of closeness that is unmatched. The bond between the two is very evident throughout the interview. At one point, Ghetts mentioned Akala was one of his inspirations growing up, as he achieved a Doctorate degree. Ghetts saw Akala as an example of someone from “ends” with a similar class, background and upbringing that can achieve anything he wanted to achieve, which motivated him. He wants to be the same example that Akala was to him, to the younger generation.

During this in-depth interview, Ghetts was very honest, vulnerable and transparent while telling his story, which allowed his supporters to know him on another level. He discusses trials and tribulations, ups and downs throughout his life that made him who he is today. Furthermore, reveals a number of exclusive deep stories and intrinsic moments in his life that helped shape him and his career. He discloses his choice of people who inspire him musically within the UK scene and those who inspire him in life, for different reasons. Ghetts explains the process of his outlook on life and what significant things made him change. Experiences such as bringing a whole innocent life on earth or being in jail are two juxtaposing situations that made Ghetts a better man. Moreover, his testimony, spirituality and wisdom are a reflection of who he has grown to be. In addition, he continues to reaffirm lessons he has learned and what has got him to where he is now. One of the most pivotal lessons he has learned is to keep going and pushing for the dream while staying true to you. Another word of wisdom Ghetts believes in is ‘everything happens for a reason’. Although these can seem like cliché views, they are facts in some people’s worlds. Ghetts proves that, as he has thrived and is successful because he believed in his art and in himself, despite the mishaps.

If you want to see Ghetts be more open, transparent and vulnerable in telling his truth? Watch this in-depth Q&A with Akala in the link above…