Young Spray Talks RTM 4 & Much More With Plugsville

As UK Rap veteran, Young Spray begins to gear up to bring us a brand new project, he sits down with Plugsville founder and editor, Ajay Rose for an in-depth interview to talk on the history behind RTM (Realer Than Most), D Double E and Skepta collaborations and offer up some more information on his upcoming projects, including his forthcoming second studio album.

The interview opens with confirmation of the conception of RTM 4, then swiftly gets to the story of the Tottenham rapper’s come up and where it all started as he begins to mention the infamous music collective he used to be a part of – North Star; his very first mixtape which was released over a decade ago, back in 2007, RTM Vol.1. Mr RTM also explains how he managed to manoeuvre in the scene and build a name for himself in a time where the internet and YouTube weren’t as popular or as influential as they are now.

Walking us through the creative process behind his debut album, Invisible Tears, Spray also explains how his flagship mixtape, RTM 4 will differ from it, as he opens up about the management situation he was in while putting the album together and how it effected his approach – exposing that he felt he had to filter himself a little due to the the constraints of the situation he found himself in.

Making it clear that RTM 4 would be Young Spray, effectively off the leash again is sure to bring a lot of excitement to loyal fans of the veteran rapper as he explains why he’s feeding them with new music instead of going with the original plan of dropping a Best Of Spray, project. Find out more of what the pair talk about in the video above and let us know your thoughts.