Aaron Unknown Returns To SBTV With ‘Falling’ Ft. Dale May

Aaron Unknown unveils new track ‘Falling’ ft. Dale May.

Aaron Unknown has made a return to SBTV with a premiere of his latest single entitled Falling – a collaborative effort with Dale May. ‘Falling’ is the first single released off Aaron Unknown’s debut six-track EP entitled 2 Sides.

‘2 Sides’ is an exquisite Hip-Hop/Rap EP and sees a lot of raw creative talent displayed by Aaron Unknown. The EP is available on all music platforms – including Spotify and iTunes. You can purchase the EP by clicking the links.

If you haven’t yet listened to the EP then the release of Falling will be a great introduction to Aaron Unknown’s latest music. He has been showcasing his unique talent for a while now – but he’s gotten even better.

Dale May provides the track with it’s sweet and dainty chorus. He sings with effortless beauty and it brings a delightful element to the heartfelt rap verses. Aaron Unknown uses the verses to send messages and paint a picture.

The rapper is honest as he expresses lyrics that resonate. The track touches on a range of emotions and states of being – such as anxiety, paranoia and find motivation.

Aaron Unknown has an engaging flow that allows listeners to visualise what he’s taking about – and the visuals fit what’s imagined. ‘Falling’ visuals feature a couple arguing due to negative energies, and in other shots the rapper can be seen walking through an autumn scenic view. It’s all very fitting – and Falling is a great track.

Watch the Falling visuals above.