67 flaunt ‘Pink Notes’ in their new drop

One of the biggest South London rap groups rises once again releasing their latest track ‘Pink notes’. The Brixton- Hill collective are known for their raw sounds expressing reality and lifestyle through the sounds of UK rap and drill.

Comprised of LD, Dimzy, Monkey, ASAP and Liquez and SJ a menacing beat by Slay Productions compliments their new drop. Dimzy’s first up on the track and doesn’t disappoint as he comes in proficiently, setting the expectations for the rest to inevitably follow.

“The reason they hate on we, take a look at my life success” could potentially be a dig within the song as the mainstream media have used London music clusters, specifically the likes of Harlem Spartans and 67, as a scapegoat for the rise in knife crime within the capital. Commonly referring to them as a violent ‘gang’.

Speaking on the gritty lifestyle through organic lyricism, 67 have managed to stay relevant in the music scene, this new drop being an example of which.

The visuals stay true to the meaning behind their songs, including girls, flashy jewels and somewhat savagery. Enhancing the darkness throughout the video, the beginning ensures viewers that the following content is graphic and for fictional purposes only.

Watch the new drop above and let us know who you think went the hardest in our comments section!