410’s AM Takes Aim In New ‘Attempted 1.0’ Visuals

South London based UK Drill rapper AM makes a stellar return to the channel with the brand new music video to his shot heavy diss track, titled Attempted 1.0, produced by Jb104.

Both AM and Skengdo have released a flurry of tracks together and separately today and it’s been very mad. The 410 duo have been extremely active in recent months – music wise, and they have switched into a new gear today as they release about 4 songs with visual to match, all in one day, both collectively and separately.

Attempted 1.0 sees AM continue the theme of all of the releases prior to this one – lyrically taking aim at some of the more prominent rappers in the UK Drill scene at the moment, who have seemingly taken shots at him and Skengdo as well as some others in other recent releases. The response is swift and concise and doesn’t leave much to the imagination if you’re able to fill in the blanks.

This one along with the barrage of other similarly themed releases from AM and Skengdo is likely to trigger some more musical responses in the near future so be sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed for some new drops very soon! hit up the comment section and our socials to let us know your thoughts on this one too! Did you expect all of these tracks today?