‘Us’ Makes Over $70 Million in Opening Weekend


Jordan Peele’s movie ‘Us’, featuring Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o to break barriers with movie earning more than $70 million during its opening weekend. The total exceeds prior predictions that it would hit $68 million.

Deadline reported that Us has generated approximately $70.2 million in ticket sales after pulling in $25.4 million on Saturday. Deadline reveals that there were concerns Us wouldn’t receive the same audience reception as his lauded debut film, Get Out. But by Friday night, Us had already exceeded the $33 million that Get Out brought in its whole debut weekend.

Because the film premiered on Thursday, Us‘ opening weekend officially ended on Saturday. Still, Us‘ $70.2 million makes the film the biggest opening for a live-action original since 2009’s Avatar ($77 million). Although it falls behind classic reboots It($123.4 million) and Halloween ($76.2 million), Us had a record-setting opening for an original horror film.