UK vs US Twitter on Drake’s ‘More Life’


With the release of Drake’s long awaited ‘More Life’, fans of the Canadian artist, from both the UK and US, took to twitter to express their views on the playlist. However, whilst some fans decided to embrace the new release, others had some negative opinions they wanted to make apparent – particularly regarding the artists that Drake chose to feature.

The artists that garnered the most negative feedback from the American fans was South London’s Giggs, who features on ‘More Life’ twice on the tracks ‘No Long Talk’ and  ‘KMT’. Whilst many – somewhat reasonably – questioned who he was, others made it clear that they didn’t like the artist’s sound. Of course ‘UK Twitter’ wasn’t going to take any of this disrespect and rushed to the defence of the creator of ‘London’s National Anthem’. Many claiming that the US can’t make a comment on Giggs because all they listen to is ‘mumble rap’.

So it looks like America isn’t close to accepting UK music then? Well not necessarily. Whilst browsing Twitter it can be difficult to see positive comments at times because the focus is obviously on the tweets which get the most retweets, which tend to be the more controversial type. But if you dig deeper, you will find that there are in fact people from the US that enjoy the ‘new’ UK sound and are willing to hear more.

Whether you believe Drake is for the culture or a ‘Culture Vulture’, it’s fair to say that he is bringing attention to the UK music scene as well as bringing more fans. It seems like the next step is for Drake to make a video with Link Up TV and then…

The rest is history.