Tyson Fury pledges to donate £8million purse to charity


Tyson Fury has pledged to donate his £8 million purse to the homeless and poor in the UK.

The former Manchester-born heavy-weight champion drew in his fight with Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles on Saturday. He stated he’s ‘not interested in becoming a millionaire or billionaire’ and that he wants to ‘do something with [the money] and help people who can’t help themselves’. He said that after seeing a lot of homelessness and poverty whilst in California for the fight gave him the push to do it and also his being aware that it is also happening in the UK.

He has stated he also wants to set up funds for drug addicts and alcoholics, after previously battling with his own addictions.

After questioning why he doesn’t want to give the money to his family, he said that he believes children should make their own money and that what he’s earned is ‘practically blood money.’ He has worked for what he’s got and believes his children should do the same- ‘they won’t be living off my name’.

Fury is setting an excellent example for other sports partakers and will hopefully encourage other boxers to give to the less fortunate.