Twitter Launches Prototype App ‘Twittr’


On Monday, Twitter, the popular thought-sharing social networking site, launched a new prototype app ‘Twittr’ to test out new features to improve conversation and make it easier to find relevant discussions.

The new app will include new features, like coloured responses in order to make conversations easier to follow. Users of Twitter can apply to take part in the prototype app and will be kept up-to-date on their application and those chosen are encouraged to provide honest feedback, screenshots and use the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo. The new features considered will also include a change in shape of text boxes, making them appear like more authentic chat boxes. Many of the features on the standard Twitter app will remain the same.

However, these new features on Twittr, the new app, could change or be scrapped, and the new app has been set up so that Twitter can experiment with these new features outside of the standard app.