Tribute: Top 5 Ghetts Bangers! Happy Birthday!


As fans pour in their tributes to arguably one of the best ever, October 9 marks the birthday of East London rapper Ghetts. Seen as a pioneering figure for grime alongside artists the NASTY Crew and Wiley, Ghetts’ rise has paralleled that of the music genre.

Debuting his first project at the age of 18 following his release from prison, Ghetts has since gone on to release five more mixtapes, two more EP’s and one studio album.

Presenting fans with a flow that is yet to be rivalled, the MC has championed lyrics that have become iconic and has equally displayed a wardrobe that is also at the top of its game.

In a happy birthday tribute, we have comprised our favourite Ghetts videos which show the very best of the very best.

  • Name: Don’t Phone Me (feat Griminal)
    Released: 2008
    Summary: Collaborating with Griminal, the duo released this huge track some eight years ago. As the pair go into ‘devilish mode’, they each display a flows that can only be matched by the fast paced instrumental. A certain banger.


  • Name: Fire in the Booth PT 2
    Released: 2013
    Summary: With well over 600K views, Ghetts left presenter Charlie Sloth speechless as he displayed a near enough faultless performance. His word groupings, his messages and his straight up passion for the music and lyrics make this one of the best FITB’s ever.


  • Name: Artillery
    Released: 2010
    Summary: This one was a banger that reminded people where they were when they first heard this. Artillery was peak grime for many people, and what is better is the American reaction to the song. If ever in doubt, onlookers just need to look at the comments for this video and be grateful they have heard such mastery.


  • Name: Fuck Radio Ghetts Birthday Set (feat The Movement)
    Released: 2007
    Summary: A lesser known Ghetts cypher perhaps but equally as cold. On this day nine years ago, Ghetts again teams up with Griminal in this one for his very own Birthday set. In attendance are his fellow group associates which include Devlin, P Money and a young Chip(munk). Sending for many of those in the game at the time, the highlights include Ghetts telling JME that he should ‘stick to computers.’


  • Name: One Take
    Released: 2016
    Summary: Fast forward to the modern-day, and Ghetts is still absolutely destroying the field. Like many of the aforementioned, One Take demonstrates Ghetts’ ability to alter between flows, as he slows down and then quickens up seemingly at the blink of an eye. Rude Kid on productions allows for this, and what this shows is just how transferable Ghetts can be without differentiating from his roots.


If you have any Ghetts tracks that you believe should make this top five comment below. As for you Ghetts, Happy Birthday and let us not forget that 1984 October 9th you were born Caesarean style.