Track Of The Week: Shadz – Bumbaclart


Brockley based artist Shadz has been making music for 6 years now. He’s been rapping since school days and the 21-year-old rapper has made an afro-swing type tune that really caught my attention. ‘Bumbaclart’ features a wavey beat whilst we see how versatile Shadz can be. He raps and sings in the song, and the hook and chorus are certainly catchy.

The tune is introduced with a serenading guitar, and Shadz comes in with his vocals. This song is perfect for summer as it fuses melodies and harder rap, you just want to kick back and vibe when it plays. It reminds me a lot of Tequila by Dave as both songs have a Spanish feel to them. It’s produced by Chef Pasquale, who produced Drake and Giggs’s KMT and even songs for Pnb Rock. The beat in this one is very serene and doesn’t have a lot going on with it, which brings out Shadz more as the main focus is on him. There are also soft backing vocals that are brought to you by Amaria.

The videography by Reynold Maunze from Box Motion Film is far from your average music video. The whole concept that Rey directed, is unique, everything is in a black and white filter, giving the video a rustic feel, again going with the rhythm and vibe of Bumbaclart. We see Shadz standing around his friends, and we even see clips of him rapping in the studio. There’s even some sick drone shots and pans of London, along with some drone shots of Shadz walking away and that’s what closes the visuals.

Bumbaclart focuses on money and how Shadz is getting cash, and if anyone interrupts him there will be problems. He refers to it in the chorus as “paper, mulla, cash, clout, I don’t know what’s that?”. He prefers the money over the fame that the music scene can bring him.

Shadz is a fresh artist that was needed in the scene and his talent was presented easily in Bumbaclart, hence why it’s the Track Of The Week.

Listen to Bumbaclart above and let us know what you think!