Track Of The Week: Avelino Ft. Haile – So Fine


Avelino recently teamed up with WSTRN’s vocalist Haile on an unexpected release! So Fine has been the song that I can’t keep playing, it’s been on my mind 24/7.

Both artists are certainly two of the top in the U.K. music scene as of today. Avelino’s raspy rap contrasts with Haile’s smooth vocals but they seem to make the juxtaposition work and flow perfectly! It’s been out for a couple of weeks, but to be honest the song had to slightly grow on me, but now I can’t stop banging it out. This summer vibe opens with Haile’s sweet voice then Avelino jumps in with his bars. Produced by Cassius Jay, the beat carries a more relaxed melody but speeds up when Avelino comes in. Cassius Jay is a massive producer that has cooked up in the studio with August Alsina, Young Thug and Justin Bieber, so having him on the production for So Fine is big.

Mansions, models and alcohol dominate the visuals whilst showing both Avelino and Haile’s lavish lifestyles. Introducing the music video is Haile dresses in Gucci whilst in a luxury car, we then see shots of Avelino in a Versace robe by the pool in the mansion posted up with his friends. Directed by Kevin Hudson, he’s got them pouring champagne and smoking cigars, whilst the models are seen playing tennis in the back garden. We also get to see some of the mansion scenery, from diamond chandeliers to the paintings that fill the walls. The whole video really screams ‘so fine’.

It’s no secret that Avelino is a lyrical genius and one the best at putting smart puns in his bars. The song talks how both artists are up now, Avelino also touches on his struggle of the come up by saying ‘cause when sh*t was touch, I was tough as sh*t’. Now everyone is trying to get to know him after the blow up. He also plays on his past of selling O’s to selling out the o2, and if that isn’t inspirational I don’t know what it. Haile is on the chorus, he speaks about how they’ve got the models and they’re ‘flexing on you n*ggas ‘cause we rich now’, and the visuals certainly back this up.

Check out the song above and let us know if you love it too in the comments! This song is perfect for the season, such a vibe! Hence why it’s the Track Of The Week!