Tory Lanez speaks on new album and working with 50 cent with Zane Lowe


Tory Lanez has spoken to Zane Lowe on his new album ‘Memories Don’t Die’ coming 2nd of March

He also spoke on working with 50 cent on his new album “I did one with 50 Cent. I did one with Fabolous. Yeah, this crazy record with 50…He’s honestly one of my favorite people. He’s like a mentor to me. Every time, I’ll sit there and talk with him for hour and he’ll sit there and tell me the stories and tell me you like all of this stuff and the s*** is crazy. Like that’s like one of my favorite people like period point blank. Like one of my favorite artists, one of my favorite rappers like point blank period you know I’m saying. So for him to even be the person that he’s been, you know, I told you I was making a movie for the the last album which I’m connecting to this album and I’m making a movie and pretty much he’s going to assist in it.”.

Also more on the film Lanez said “I don’t want to spoil anything or you know, do too much but we definitely went around those parameters and talking about that. It’s pretty much a go and it’s something that I’m excited about because he feels the same way about film that I feel about film. It’s just crazy for someone to be an artist and feel the same way. I’ve always kind of felt like maybe I’m a little too much into film than anybody else is. It’s crazy so.”

I am certainly looking forward to hearing this new project, as a big Tory Lanez fan myself! What do you guys think?