TOPMAN TV Unveil Short Film Starring Game Of Thrones Actor Raleigh Ritchie

Topman - Raleigh Ritchie - Hi

Thursday 4TH August 2016 saw TOPMAN TV and Raleigh Ritchie unveil their short film, created, scored, directed by and starring Raleigh himself, for Open Shoot – a crowd sourced concept.

Wednesday 22nd June saw TOPMAN TV embark on their most creative and ambitious Open Shoot yet, with Raleigh Ritchie writing, directing, scoring and starring in his own short film for TOPMAN’s fan based interactive project now in its second year. The Open Shoot series joins music artists and creatives with their fans and TOPMAN audiences to create new projects that get people talking about the latest style trends, influential music genres and cutting edge creativity. From videos, photoshoots, immersive experiences, TOPMAN’s Open Shoot is a creative project with music at the heart of it. 

In this series Raleigh Ritchie has directed his very first short film inspired by his song ‘Cowards‘ – taken from the album, ‘You’re a Man Now Boy’ – which has been exclusively re-arranged for the film’s score. On 22nd June TOPMAN TV enlisted the support of fans of both Raleigh and TOPMAN to be a part of this unique creative project. Audiences were given the opportunity to participate throughout the project, playing both cast and crew and ultimately helping to make Raleigh’s vision and directorial debut a reality. 

The process has been documented from beginning to end, with behind the scenes access and in-depth conversation about the creative and production process showcased through four ‘making of’ films available on TOPMAN TV. Fans can now tune into these behind the scenes clips and witness how their contributions have helped shape the short film.

The series culminated with the premiere of the film introduced by Raleigh himself on Wednesday 3rd August to an audience full of fans and contributors who followed the process throughout.

The film features an appearance from actor and model Matthew Beard as well as strings composed by the talented Rosie Danvers, who has made arrangements for the likes of Adele, Emeli Sande and Paul Weller to name but a few.

If you haven’t hear ‘Cowards’ take a listen below:

Find out more on how he made the film in the following video below:

And watch a clip of the final product below:


This exclusive short film is a part of a series of collaborative videos and shorts TOPMAN TV will roll out this year, engaging and involving fans in the creative process behind their favourite artists work. TOPMAN will not only showcase the talent and vision of the artist on board but also champion the originality of their fans. 

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