Tommy B Releases His EP ‘Racing’


Tommy B goes into a lyrical frenzy with his new EP ‘Racing.’ The Sharpest lyrics are spat with some of the best energy into the mic. At the age of 18 Tommy B is ready to show the UK that he is going to be massive and unforgettable.

The Statement – This is one of those songs that will get you gasses straight away. The beat is a perfect match for the fast flow lyrics of Tommy B. The street smartness that Tommy possesses is astounding, on ‘The Statement we see him tell you the shape of his life, you see the real Tommy B, the place where all these lyrics are created is revealed. The Statement is a piece of art from the first lyric, it’s simply powerful and it’s just another example of why Tommy B is miles ahead of some MC’S.

Racing – This guy is crafting something special and he’s racing to the top. Big up to the production on ‘Racing’ Johnny East has killed it with the beat. Within the song ‘Racing’ you can see the influences, the sounds all point in the direction of a great mixture of grime and the streets.

Chat About – A very different vibe on this one with Tommy B changing his flow and it certainly works. This song shows how ready Tommy B is for a clash, it showcases his raw bars and creativity. The beat is on a unique level, it sounds old school and then it sounds new age. ‘Chat About’ is my favourite song on the EP.

Commandments 2.0 – I thought Tommy B was going to go full J Cole, but rah here appears Lewi White and fair play the sound is something close to Harry Potter magic. The beat is more simple on this one and I think it needs to be, with Tommy B making ‘Commandments 2,0’ with some mad lyrics, that completely change the song.

Stay On My Grind – Jheeeeezzzz, Pay back are just calling it, literally, this whole EP is just pure gold and Stay On My Grind is a perfect end. Tommy B is doing his usual thing of killing it with some sick lyrics, and the beat is destroying my speaker the more I play the song.


Congratulations to Tommy B and the team for creating something very special with the ‘Racing’ EP. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.