Three men have been charged with the murder of fashion model Harry Uzoka


Yesterday, Three men were charged of fashion model Harry Uzoka’s murder.

Two of which was found guilty and the third person was found guilty of manslaughter.

A CCTV footage has dropped online showcasing what happend just before and after Harry Uzoka was killed. In the CCTV, George Koh, 24, murdered lookalike fellow model Mr Uzoka, 25, in a fatal confrontation in the street in Shepherd’s Bush, after they had huge argument on social media.

The beef escalated when Koh met up with a female French model and bragged that he had slept with Mr Uzoka’s girlfriend. The pair arranged to meet face-to-face with Mr Ukoza and a friend after the argument which escalated.

Koh and his friend Merse Dikanda, 24, armed themselves with knives. A third man, 24-year-old personal trainer Jonathan Okigbo, also joined the duo in the fight.

The footage, today released by police, shows the trio chase Mr Uzoka and a friend through a carpark in Ollgar Close, Shepherd’s Bush, close to Mr Uzoka’s home. One of the men wipes his blade on his trouser leg before the group huddle in a doorway following the fatal stabbing.

Yesterday afternoon, Koh and Dikanda were both found guilty of Mr Uzoka’s murder. Okigbo was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter.