‘Theresa May doesn’t care about the mandem’ says Saskilla LIVE on BBC #grime4corbyn


Grime Mc Saskilla went in as he defended Jeremy Corbyn live on BBC news. The UK rapper joined Victoria Darbyshire and other political guests to discuss the state of the Country and if we need a Recount, Re-election or just a Re-think on our countries agenda. Saskilla said, “Theresa May doesn’t care about the mandem, she don’t care about the gyaldem, she don’t care about the under privilege, she don’t even care about black people, she don’t care about nobody, let’s be real”.

LEGEND… Mc Saskilla was also with award winning Actor/Director Adam Deacon and a rep from Grime for Corbyn. Even though the presenter, Victoria Derbyshire, didn’t seem as convinced, Saskilla’s comments have made a great impression on everybody including Twitter users.

With the massive increase in youth voting and participation this 2017 elections, the awareness and social media buzz has been accredited to popular stars such as JME, Stormzy and Saskilla, so the BBC invited Saskilla to share his opinion.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he can “still be prime minister” as he aims to defeat Theresa May’s attempt to run a minority government. He told the Sunday Mirror: “This is still on. Absolutely.”

Labour will set out its own programme for government as an modification to the Queen’s Speech, focusing on austerity and a “jobs-first Brexit,” he says. He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr he will call on MPs from all other parties to back his policies instead of Mrs May’s.

Team Corbyn!

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