The Intent is coming to Netflix!



The Intent movie is set to join the Netflix family as of May 15th 2017. The film will be made available to Netflix users all around the world.

The film follows Gunz (Dylan Duffus) who is thrust into a world of excitement when he joins the TIC crew. The crew, led by the ruthless Hoodz (Scorcher), goes from low level weed peddling to full on armed robberies within a fortnight. Their new found infamy affords them a life of guns, drugs, and girls but they also catch the attention of the police and a rival gang. To make matters worse they have been infiltrated by an undercover police officer. Does he have The Intent to remain a criminal or abide by his oath to the force?

Director Femi Oyeniran took to Instagram to share the news and  a special thank you:

“A big thank you to all the cast and crew for giving a 100% to the project.
We worked really hard to make this film a success independently – we raised the finance, shot and released the film ourselves. With no support from any film distribution company or funding organisation (no @BritishFilmInstitute, no @CreativeEngland, no one!) but we had our secret weapon – the scene! Big thank you to @Grmdaily, @linkuptv, @sbtvonline, actors and music artists who contributed to the success of the film. Without your support, this would have been impossible.
Thank you! The journey continues! We have more big announcements coming in the next few weeks. #theintent” 

Look out for the Intent on Netflix within the next two weeks!