Bugzy Malone Drops ‘King Of The North’ Project


Manchester’s Bugzy Malone dropped his long-awaited King of the North EP yesterday (14 July 2017). Over recent years, we have seen Bugzy smash the scene with freestyles, music videos and of course projects such as Walk With Me and Facing Time.

As the editor notes on iTunes, the Manchurian is possibly one of grime’s superior narrators, despite criticism he may face.

A number of new Grime and UK Rap fans may list Bugzy’s 2015 tracks as ones which caused the huge influx of new fans like them to such genres.

Under Ill Gotten Records, Bugzy released the 8-track compilation:

1. King of the North

2. Aggy Wid It

3. Make or Break

4. Through the Night

5. We Don’t Play

6. Memory Lane

7. Bruce Wayne

8. Sniper