The Writing Team Are Back With Ep. 2 of ‘Writer’s Block’ Podcast


Hey people! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that we at Link Up TV have just started a new podcast series titled ‘Writer’s Block’. Writer’s Block is a platform where one of our online editors is joined by guests from the Link Up TV writing team in order to discuss a range of topics and gauge their opinions about what’s happened in the week and in the scene.

We started ‘Writer’s Block’ with our audience in mind as it is always good to explore different mediums in order to interact with your audience. We recorded our brand new podcast for the first time around two weeks ago and now we have posted Episode 2.

The latest episode, which features our writers Sam, Amira and Zeanne covers a whole range of topics as the trifecta of writers try their best to run through every topic on the agenda. The team covered topics such as the cancelled craze, the Ramz incident at Wembley Stadium, drill music and whether or not it incites violence, the J Prince/Drake/Pusha T incident and much more. It was hard to cover all of these topics in just over an hour but the trio made a good work of it.

The banter and comradery between the team shows and hopefully it makes for good listening whilst shedding new light on topics that get discussed. Honestly, you’ll get a good amount of laughs and information between Sam, Amira  and Zeanne as the episode plays out.

Have a listen above and let us know what you think of this week’s episode.