The revival of Ard Adz


Imagine this! An artist at the top of his game, getting recognition, shows, fans saying his name, he’s got the juice. Everything is going fine with him, he drops a song that everyone is singing, the buzz is super high. Then out of nowhere we don’t hear from them for a long time. They go missing. Due to unfortunate circumstances, maybe arrested, kids or they fall out of love for the music game. They try to come back after that but it’s just not the same. It’s very rare we see an artist revive their career. We saw Craig David do it last year and it was such a joy.

He’s not the only one to have brought a career to life. Ard Adz from the UK went missing for a few years after 2013, the buzz went down when he was formally introduced a duo with Sho shallow. Coming out of Brixton is difficult as the only one to really hit the mark is Sneakbo.

Ard Adz has worked really hard, putting out songs after songs week in week out. It’s really uplifting to see someone come out of the shadow and start working. Some may say it’s because he branched away from being in a duo and started doing his own work.

He’s album is available for pre-order ‘Call me dirty’ on all digital platforms.