The Pussycat Dolls Are Reportedly Suing The Daily Mail

pussy cat dolls

Do you remember The Pussycat Dolls? Best known for their hit songs Don’t Cha and ‘Buttons, the Pop group announced their hiatus back in 2010, but back in October, 2017, the Daily Mail allegedly ran multiple stories claiming the group were a “front for a prostitution ring.”

According to Page Six, the former group are now allegedly suing the publication for claiming members were abused and drugged.

The main source of the Daily Mail’s seemingly explosive articles allegedly came from a woman called Kaya Jones who was said to be a former backup singer for the group.

In the piece titled “Exclusive: Defiant ex-Pussycat Doll Ms. Jones tells how top record exec sexually assaulted her in the back of his limo–one day after saying the band was more ‘prostitution ring’ than pop group,” Jones is allegedly quoted, allegedly claiming members of the group, founded in the mid-90s by Robin Antin, were “drugged” and that Antin was to blame for the abuse.

But the alleged lawsuit suggests Jones’ claims could possibly be a form of alleged retaliation, and were allegedly irresponsibly reported by Daily Mail.

Alleged documents filed to New York State on Monday say the singer auditioned for the group and was “disgruntled” after being given a backup vocalist position instead of a main role.