The Naked Poet – Film Premiere #JasonBarrett


Last night saw the long awaited premiere of UK film ‘The Naked Poet’. Crowds entered The Mayfair Hotel, taking snapshots with the actors and entering the screen where the film was to be played to them exclusively.

Host Kojo took to the stage before introducing director Jason Barrett who spoke about the film – a masterpiece he’d been working on for 6 years!

The Naked Poet premiere

Set in a beautiful London backdrop, ‘The Naked Poet’ is the story of a poet called Lazarus. The film explores the relationships between his friends, family and lovers. Can a man be in love with more than one woman? Do the sins of the father visit the next generation? Do men and women really process love and sex differently? With an undertone of poetry and an unexpected twist, the film is thought provoking and eye opening.

The screening ended with cheers and applauses, creating an uplifting atmosphere both for the actors and director Jason. It followed with a Q&A in which actors such as So Solid’s Harvey, explained exactly what the night meant. “If I had listened to what other people said, I wouldn’t be here today” he explained. As well as Harvey, the cast includes Mohammed ‘Mo’ George, Aml Ameen, Kyla Frye, Kelle Bryan, Fabrisio Santino and many more.

Overall, the night was a huge success. It was clear that both the writer and the actors had put a lot of work into the film and night.

We look forward to more work from them all!

A massive shout out to leading UK film exhibitor Kush Films – who organised the event and also screen films bi-monthly at the Kush ‘Film Boutique’ at the plush Regent Street Cinema, W1B 2UW.