The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2015



If you really sit down and think about it 2014 wasn’t a great year for albums. Sure the music was good, well at least the first 100 times you heard ‘Hot N–ga‘  (can we stop saying ‘a week ago…week ago‘ now please) albums though? Not so much. The biggest tunes of the year came with no mixtape or album. ‘0-100‘ was a Drake loosie, ‘That’s Not Me‘ might be on an album but Skepta released nothing last year. Kendrick even dropped (Grammy award winning) ‘I‘ without an album announcement. Anyway we’re really hoping this year is a return to form for the album and from the looks of things it will be. Here’s a list of the albums sure to be dominating our headphones and getting us dirty looks from people on the train this year.


Artist: Meek Mill

Album: Dreams Worth More Than Money

First he was hot…then  he went to jail. Then he came out of jail on fire, dropped some mixtapes, signed to MMG, back to back singles with Rick Ross ‘I’m A Boss‘ and ‘Tupac Back‘ and blew up. His ‘Dreamchasers‘ mixtape series (especially volume 2) had almost too many hits on it. Then with all that hype, his album…meh. ‘Dreamchasers 3‘? meh. But he’s taken some time off and he’s hungry again. He’s also achieved his dream of ‘becoming very good friends‘ with Nicki Minaj and ‘B Boy‘ feels like a very strong step in the right direction.


Artist: A$AP Rocky

Album: Untitled

The A$AP Mob kicked off the year with some tragic news with the loss of their founder A$AP Yams. A$AP Yams was the leader behind the look, sound and ethos of the group. Where that leaves the Rocky and the Mob is hard to say at the moment, but the two singles we’ve had from Rocky’s sophomore album sound leaps ahead of anything he’s done so far. Rocky’s early career has also been dominated by ‘F__kin’ Problems‘ where commenters have said that he’ll struggle to make a hit by himself. And while that’s a fair point, tracks like ‘Multiply‘ make those comments irrelevant when the music’s this good. Oh and the album is executive produced by Juicy J.


Artist: Lil Wayne

Album: Tha Carter 5

2014 marked the ‘Fall of Cash Money‘ with Lil Wayne going from making disparaging comments about being trapped on the label to suing the label he’s been on since 14 years old. This followed Tyga airing his grievances with the label about his own album not being released and leading to an altercation with Drake. All this doesn’t really speak to the music on Wayne’s much delayed (although Tha Carter 3 and 4 have gone through similar delays) This album is on this list more as a curiosity. There have been four singles released with the type of frequency that seems like they’re struggling for a hit, and to be fair is probably why Baby delayed the release of the album. Nothing sounds particularly bad, just all of the music is stuff you’ve heard before. And if the album doesn’t sell 900,000- a million in its first week (like 3 and 4) then it’ll be deemed a failure. If it does, accusations of the label buying the album to boost the numbers will be a certainty. Well all we can do is wish Weezy good luck.


Artist: Big Sean

Album: Dark Sky Paradise

Big Sean dropped ‘Finally Famous‘ in 2011 and everyone was surprised at its quality and how well it did. Then Big Sean dropped his ‘Detroit’ mixtape, which was also surprisingly great. Then a couple of ‘ok’ singles and getting absolutely ethered by Kendrick on ‘Control‘ lead to sophomore album ‘Hall Of Fame‘ under performing and being a bit of a disappointment. Then his girlfriend left him and married someone else a week later and all of a sudden Sean was back! A series of loosies and the anthemic ‘IDFWU‘ clearly aimed at his ex (even though he denies it). And he managed to get ‘rivals’ Kanye and Drake on one track AND he’s wifed up Ariana Grande (who doesn’t always look like she’s 12 years old) and the momentum for Dark Sky Paradise is building to fever pitch.


Artist: Frank Ocean

Album: Untitled

Frank Ocean sort of crept up on the world and made incredible music. His album won him a tonne of acclaim and a even a Grammy. Collaborations with Beyonce, Kanye and Jay Z have only made his new album more anticipated. He recently dropped a tribute to the late Aaliyah on her birthday and a snippet of ‘Memrise‘, plus we’ve basically only got very strong rumours pointing to an album. Frank Ocean does work without a lot of hype so expect a release date, a single and then probably one of the albums of the year.


Artist: Wretch 32

Album: Growing Over Life

When Wretch saw all of his chart success it felt long overdue looking back to his ‘F__k Radio‘ and The Movement days. His latest material has drifted to more of a pop sound, but it’s still heavy with Wretch’s ridiculous wordplay. ‘6 Words‘ is the poppiest song he’s made to date and went down with a little poorly with hardcore fans (also gave him his 5th top 10, so who cares?) but as with ‘Blackout‘ we suspect Wretch will find the perfect balance and deliver another great album.


Artist: Adele

Album: 26?

Adele’s 2 albums have sold nearly 40 MILLION copies. If she puts out an album it’ll sell ridiculous numbers and your girlfriend, mum, sister will all sing songs about breaking up. And you’ll undoubtedly be singing it to yourself in the shower. Look for Adele’s creatively titled album to be released when no one with any common sense will put out an album.


Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Album: Untitled

Kendrick Lamar dropped a classic with ‘Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City‘, which followed ‘Section 80‘ which was another classic. For his new project he dropped ‘I‘, which wasn’t all that well received, but felt like a natural progression from the lighter ending of his previous album. There’s definitely a discussion to be had as to whether people don’t like the song because it’s so positive or whether it’s just no good (NaSI Can‘ is a lot more preachy and unquestionably the better song) whatever the reception to the song, the album is eagerly anticipated to it remains to be seen if it can live up to the lofty expectations set by his previous work.


Artist: Dappy

Album: Miracles

Things have gotten kind of rough for everyone in N-Dubz since the band went on hiatus. Tulisa’s album tanked, she was kicked off X-Factor and there was that whole drug scandal. (No one really knows what Fazer’s doing) Dappy went through legal troubles, his album faired better, but he also went on Celebrity Big Brother (a move he previously disparaged as an artist being at the end of their career) he was successful and his appearance showed a more human side to Dappy. To start his new album cycle he dropped ballad ‘Beautiful Me‘ aimed straight at The Sun readers that feel he’s a danger to society, personally I think we’re all waiting for another Tarzan really and when it inevitably does drop we’ll be ready for his next move.


Artist: Krept & Konan

Album: Untitled

What more can we say about Krept & Konan? Obviously their album is massively anticipated. Fans have been waiting for their next move for a year now. We know they have a track with Rick Ross and it will be their label debut since signing to Virgin EMI. They managed a top 20, with no label and a mixtape so surely world domination beckons?


Artist: Dizzee Rascal

Album: Untitled

2003 Dizzee was the prince of grime, 2004 he (kinda) broke through to the mainstream. By 2009 he was one of the country’s biggest artists and then he dropped ‘The Fifth‘. Which was simply too poppy for even the most Radio 1 friendly fans. With the album being a critical and commercial failure, 2014 saw Dizzee go back to the drawing board. Gritty production, clever and comedic lyrics and the style that put Dizzee where he is. It remains to be seen how far he’ll go with this throwback style and if he can sell any records with it, but the music is good enough that what matters.


Artist: Rihanna

Album: Untitled

With the exception of 2008, Rihanna has put out an album every year from 2005-2012. So for the last few years she’s been taking a well deserved rest. Well that’s over with ‘Fourfiveseconds‘ featuring Kanye West and some plucky up and comer named Paul McCartney. That song is destined to be sung at the end of every club night, the soundtrack to every drunken voicemail from a bitter ex and no doubt the launch into Rihanna’s new album, which will also be executive produced by Kanye West.


Artist: Skepta

Album: Konnichiwa

Skepta’s last album was released in 2011, he’s released some mixtapes to fill in, but it’s still way overdue for him to hit the charts again. ‘That’s Not Me‘ peaked at 21 on the UK charts and earning him a MOBO and kicking the album release schedule into high gear. Skepta claims to be the ‘King of grime‘ and now on March 1st we’ll have ‘Konnichiwa‘ to prove it.


Artist: Kanye West

Album: Untitled

Kanye had a great run from College Dropout to Graduation. Then he dropped ‘808’s And Heartbreak‘ (a great album) but some felt like it was a misstep. (it wasn’t, it’s great!) Then that whole Taylor Swift thing happened and he dropped ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ which was an undisputed classic and the best thing he’s ever done. He revealed in an interview that the album was an apology for his behaviour, essentially getting the public back on his side. And although he liked the album he didn’t love it. He apparently didn’t love it as much as he loved ‘Yeezus‘. An album that many people hated. Some claim it’s ahead of it’s time, some say it’s garbage. Whatever opinion was it was also the lowest selling album of his career. Coupled with those new Yeezy’s being a little awful looking, and those endless rants (although they hold some truth) Kanye has his work cut out to win everyone back. So far we’ve heard a low quality version of ‘All Day‘ and a video for ‘Only One‘ which while a nice song for new mothers isn’t the face melting comeback fans are waiting for. But there’s still time.


Artist: Drake

Album: Views From The 6

Drake has been on a pseduo hot streak since he started. ‘So Far Gone‘ was a great mixtape and changed the game for mixtapes. His debut ‘Thank Me Later‘ was ok, but ‘Take Care‘ was everything a Drake album should’ve been. ‘Nothing Was The Same‘ again had its moments, and while not disappointing could’ve been better. Hence the endless bonus tracks (compared to the two bonus tracks that followed ‘Take Care‘) Not much is known about ‘Views From The 6‘ except for a loosie that just had Drake whining about Rihanna again (less of that please) but ‘0-100‘ was a loosie that became a single and a surprise hit (it was even nominated for Grammy) which is what happened with ‘Started From The Bottom‘. So it’s likely that ‘0-100‘ will likely turn up on the album and is probably a good direction the album will take.

Well those are our picks for albums of the year. Be sure to tweet and let us know if we’ve missed anything.